Part Two

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Our second assignment in this tax prep and organization series was to gather and collect all of your receipts from 2015. Remember to look in all of your “safe places.” I often stick receipts in a special pocket in my wallet, a separate space in my purse, the back of my planner. You may find them in your kitchen drawer, a compartment in your car, on your desk, beside your bed, etc. Be thorough. You can’t claim it if you don’t find it.


Remember to also check your email for any electronic receipts. These can be anything from your convention registration, rental car, and hotel, to electronic receipts from the Lemon Drop Shop, Life Science Publishing, Abundant Health, etc. If you paid for the upgraded DISC assessment when you went to HUTS, that was also a receipt that got emailed. Again, be thorough in your search. You don’t want to miss any deductions.


You can watch the archived Periscope broadcast for Part 2 below:

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