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Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty of getting organized! With our third assignment, we begin to work with our receipts that we printed and collected last week.


First we want to SORT all of our receipts into one of five categories:


  1. Overhead – This is anything that goes directly toward your business keeping its doors open. It could be things like a portion of your cell phone bill, your car, your house/rent, etc. **PLEASE: Consult a tax professional to learn the rules about claiming these types of expenses. You can NOT claim them entirely.**
  2. Business Supplies – These are things needed to run your office. Some examples might be pens/pencils (Do you pass these out at classes, for instance?), labels, ink, printer paper, etc.)
  3. Events/Classes – Expenses related to events would be events that YOU attended. (HUTS, convention, etc.) Expenses related to classes will be classes you hosted. These items might include things like jars, bottles, ribbons, baking soda, coconut oil, etc.
  4. Postage – This is pretty straight forward. If you incurred expenses for mailing samples, welcome kits, cards, business incentives for your team, etc., they would fall into this category.
  5. Gas/Mileage – Not everyone needs this category, and there are very specific rules about records you need to keep track of if you plan to take this deduction. **PLEASE consult a tax professional if you plan to claim this category.



Now that you have all of your receipts sorted, you need to HIGHLIGHT important info on each of them. On each receipt, be sure you highlight:


  • the company/store
  • the date
  • the amount


Remember that only purchases related to your business are tax deductible. So if you went to Target and bought some jars for a make and take and also bought a hairbrush, your jars are deductible. Your hairbrush is not. For this reason, I try my hardest to keep my business purchases separate from my family purchases. Occasionally, though, something slips through the cracks. In those instances, DO NOT highlight the final total at the bottom of the receipt. Instead HIGHLIGHT EACH LINE that was part of your business purchase. (You can add these line items up now and notate the business total, or you can do it later when we are inputting them into our spreadsheet.)


Finally, you want to DATE ORDER all of your receipts within each category. This means you will still have five separate stacks of receipts. Keep them separated. One at a time take each category. Looking at the dates you highlighted in the previous step, arrange them order so that the OLDEST RECEIPTS are on the TOP, and the NEWEST RECEIPTS are on the BOTTOM. (So the top of your stack will begin with February, and as you get to the bottom of your stack, you’ll have December.)



That’s it for Part Three! Easy peasy, right? You can watch the Periscope replay below:


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    2. Aidan, I read your post earlier and returned now to comment (this is something I often do), I understood what you meant. Living in NYC the tragic events that occurred in Brooklyn have dominated the news, and as a mother I can not even begin to image the pain the family are now feeling and living. I personally do not feel an apology is necessary. Do not chastise yourself, having followed your blog for a over a period of months now, I know you were very genuine in your post and I am positive everyone feels the same.Looking forward to Mondays’ post.

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    1. i thought last night soo’naprs was good, but not great…i can see now they are going to just drag out this will he live or will he die thing for a while.

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    2. This just blesses me beyond words. I could watch it ahundred times over. (I was searching for Pintu!) God has put a special love in my heart for the Indian people. They are beautiful inside and out. He really magnified again it when John and I just spent 2 wks. in northern and southern India recently – in remote villages as well as big cities. ToHim be the glory for great things He is doing.Our love and prayers, Judy and John

    3. Finally, there’s a breath of fresh air with the Arroyo Canal Fish Screen and Sack Dam Fish Passage Project completing its draft ES/IS in summer 2012 and Final EA/IS by the end of 2012, which “will allow construction to start in 2013.” See my previous 12/30/2010 blog post about this little dam.

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    1. Beautiful. I especially love the styling from the first part of the session- the aqua and cherry red. It’s just darling. I have a skirt just that shade of blue from a million years ago from the Gap… it might be time for a renGashioni-g!freat job, that first shot… it’s the money shot Bek!

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    3. "Bertayus"… Sad that he would live up to that slander. But, I'm reminded of Sin CityWhich while a gross piece of fascist crappola did have some genius lines."He [Marv] just had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong century. He'd be right at home on some ancient battlefield swinging an axe into somebody's face. Or in a Roman arena, taking his sword to other gladiators like him. They would've tossed him girls like (Paula Broadwell) back then."

    4. Moldova is Moldova.Not Romanian, not Russian. Has it own sovereigty and history.Nobody can erase its the present and its past. I believe that their respect for those both cultures is what make Moldavians unique. Even more strong of their identity conviction, with the transnistrian scar they face in their international legal territory. As they are also not anymore a province of Romania.Accept it.

    5. Hi Lisa~ This is my first time on a "real computer" in a few weeks, and I loved catching up with your blog, and all of the ministry opportunities God is giving you! I pray for you so often, and look forward to the day that I can sit down with my coffee and keep current on the lives and hearts of my sister-friends. Until then, know that I love you and am so thankful that the Lord linked our lives through our love for Him.Much love to you~Jennifer

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    1. This is HIGH on my list to do. I may try this this weekend. I have to journey to Walmart (yes, its a journey because it takes half a day – or at least it feels that way) and get all the supplies. I agree, I am so tired of paying a ortune to wash clothes. Have a great weekend.

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    1. great post I do share your point of view concerning memoirs…what I love the most about those is how easily you can identify yourself with other people’s stories; that your life doesn’t need to be extraordinary or full of big exploitations… you need only write it with your feelings, ideas and expectations!Elizabeth Gilbert’s is a great one good luck

    1. “the language (after the first paragraph) quickly devolves into using well known Arab boiler plate talking points. I don’t need to propagate that kind of nonsense.”Hee hee! That’s the exact same nonsense which keeps the left in Israel far away from any real power. They like to mouth off kapo crazy talk. Viva Bibi!

    1. Mona, thank you so much for being so amazing! I finally figured out what I was doing with the Sunshine award and felt really silly for not knowing what to do! HAHA! i posted it today and I just want to send you a personal thank you as well ! You have made me feel like I might actually be good at something and just you being sweet enough to nominate me, with being so new to all this, just really made me happy! Thanks again and you’re amazing!!

    1. này chú Nặc Danh, đó là văn đấy! Chú quen tô hồng nên nghĩ son phấn từ ngữ mới là văn chương ( chú đọc mà không thấy xúc động tí nào ư?)

    2. Hey lisa and gorgeous Robyn!Thanks for the update, as always a mixture of emotions when I read what you write, the overwhelming one is always inspirational!The Christmas elves in Nuance are beavering away so should beable to give JG something before Christmas..Sending our love and healing thoughtsSara and her little helpers xx

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    1. Why isn’t that baby sleeping? Most 2mths olds can be fed and then you put them in their bed…they require a lot of sleep. Why is she constantly feeding him? He needs to be on a schedule: full feedings, play, and sleep. At 2mths, he should eat every 2-2.5hrs. Maybe you could buy her a book, BABYWISE by Gary Ezzo is an awesome one.

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    1. With increasing popularity…will come increasing popularity as more and more people who may have once been intimidated by the Left into opposing Wilders and the PVV will now find it socially acceptable to support them. This may have similar effects outside the Netherlands as people say to themselves "if it's good enough for them, it;s good enough for us."

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    3. Lisa, this is so true. Why do Christians sometimes kick their wounded? I pray that more women will feel safe to be real and to share their deepest sorrows with each someone who will love and nurture them like you. I love those precious grandbabies. Too cute.

    1. Oh my lanta. If I had to watch a live birth I do28&#n17;t even know what I would do. Glad you are enjoying the major though! I know I did! Where do you want to go with it? Exercise science related?

    1. Posted on May 6, 2011 by Awwww, Patti. I know exactly how you feel, truly. All my cats have been special to me, although there is one that was truly my kitty soulmate and I still cry and grieve over her today. I will grieve until I meet her again, and I know I will.You’ll know when it’s time to get back to work. Monster was very lucky and much loved — and worthy of your grief. Just don’t let it paralyze you.*hugs and love, dearie*

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    1. Pour Nadine, si j’ai bien compris, 600 ou 700 cal correspond au déficit de calorie que tu dois avoir par rapport à ton besoin normal ( c’est , je pense, « le secret » de la méthode, à savoir 6 jours de déficit, et un jour de triche qui va permettre à la Lépine d’indiquer au corps qu’il n’y a pas de  » déficit chronique » d’apport, et donc d’éviter la baisse du métabolisme de base)

    2. keith, i disagree. all these bubbles you keep spouting off without looking at the main driver. money. quite possibly, we have a decades long bubble in fiat money coming to an end? the beginning of mises’ crack up boom would explain all asset types jumping higher and ever higher not based on so called ‘fundamentals’wait until the bond bubble pops, youll see some serious commodity and asset inflation like never before and people will be like ‘wtfux!? goddamn speculators!’

    1. Well to be honest Marr owed Labour one after his grilling of gordo last week…and especially after some of the ugly scenes that came out of the labour conference when Marr was confronted by a number of offended labour people (pictures published everywhere BUT al beeb).So this morning was always going to ha;pnn.Mailman&nbspp &ebsp;0 likes

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    2. Thank you…I’m not sure I really expressed myself well on this one. It’s funny, though, because I didn’t plan to write this one at all…I planned to write about my week…and then I had a thought.. and it seemed like such a profound thought…I’m not really sure I was able to get it out, though…so thanks for getting it….

    3. At last, the pics that lots of us were waiting for… Lovely! You must be really proud :) and you definitely should be 😉 Congratulations to both of you and all the best wishes for the smallest member of the family!

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    3. Also, does anyone know or give a hoot about Sons of Anarchy on FX? I haven't seen it but from what I hear its a show about a biker gang starring Ron Perlman (with Katey Sagal as his old lady!) and it acts out Shakespeare storylines. Certainly sounds interesting.

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    4. did you only just realize that michael aoun is a retard? this has been obvious since the first time he came back to lebanon. his followers are blind and dont wanna see it. i was a aoun supporter in the 90s but the guy who came back from france is challenged mentally. you only need to hear him talk for 10 seconds and you’d realize.. oh dang.. this guy is nuts. can you believe some people want him for prez?

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    2. Congratulations to you and your bride! May you have many more years of love and fun! My husband and I have been married almost 10 years and he still refers to me as his lovely bride or his betrothed! Makes me smile! Enjoy your anniversary and your delicious cake!   

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    3. Non so che cosa intendano per potere queste giornaliste-intellettuali di area femminista. Se intendono sedersi in Parlamento in numero eguale o superiore dei colleghi maschi, credo che dovranno attendere ancora un pò ( la casta maschile, infatti, a tutto può rinunciare fuorchè alla poltrona). Se invece intendono tutto il resto, sì penso che otterranno ciò che chiedono. Zapatero non è poi così lontano.

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