Part Five

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I hope you’ve all had time to catch up with your extra week! If you’re not 100% there yet, please don’t get discouraged! Wanna know a little secret? Okay, I’ll tell ya, but only ’cause we’re such good friends…..I’m not 100% there yet either. Whew! I feel much better getting that off my chest. You’re a good listener!


So this week we’re getting our hands to typing! I LOVE data entry!!!! (There is no sarcasm in that statement, just so we’re clear. I’m just weird that way.) Data entry is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. For realsies. BEFORE YOU ASK, no. No I can not do yours for you. You coy little thing, you. Why, you ask? Well because there are simply too many of you. You can’t possibly expect me to pick favorites.


There are THREE (3) spreadsheets for this assignment. DO NOT get overwhelmed. I’m talking to you….you know who you are…..pssst! You, yes. The one hyperventilating. I promise it’s not going to be that bad. Pinky promise! You can so totally do this. If it feels like too much to take in, start with the spreadsheet for income. It has the least to it and is the most basic. Once you get your feet wet, then move on to one of the others. (And in my best Dory voice: “Just keep swimmin. Just keep swimmin.”)


We will get through this step, and just know that 150 of your closest friends are doing this right alongside you. See that? We’re all in this together. AND you will have two weeks to work on this one. Now don’t go leaving it all until the very end. Try and break it into bite sized chunks, and do a little each day (or night.) I can tell you, this is the densest part of the process. What I mean by that is after this it’s all down hill! Just push through this assignment, and I can guarantee you, without any hesitation, that you will feel 100 times better.


Alright, before we get into our video lesson and the spreadsheets, just a little housekeeping business. We WILL have class next week. There will be a small assignment, so be sure to tune in even if you’re still finishing up your spreadsheets. Also, we are getting very close to the point at which you will need those supplies we’ve been talking about. I have one or two sets still available for purchase if you prefer to let me do some of the work for you. Just shoot me an email or send me a message on Twitter.


Please remember when you are working with these spreadsheets:

√ SAVE A BLANK COPY ON YOUR COMPUTER (you will thank me later)

√ DO NOT under any circumstance touch anything on the summary tab (just be amazed at all the magic that happens after you enter the info on all the other tabs)

√ DO NOT record any receipt more than once. Choose one category, and only use it there. (Otherwise, you’ll be claiming it twice, and that leads to big trouble)

√ SAVE your progress frequently

√ Ctrl + z (or command + z on a mac) wants to be your best friend. Let it. This will UNDO the last thing you did. You know, like when you accidentally delete an entire row.


Without further ado, here are the spreadsheets FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE. Remember that I am NOT a CPA, accountant, or tax professional. Be sure to seek professional advice to make sure you are following all the rules properly. You MAY share these with your team by sending them the link to this post.


Income 2015 (excel)

Donations 2015 (excel)

***SPECIAL NOTE-When you get to the “samples” tab on the Donations spreadsheet, after you’ve entered all the samples, DELETE ANY REMAINING ROWS (just the empty ones you don’t use.) That is the way to get it to do all the math for the sum totals.***

Expenses 2015 (excel)




You can watch the archived Periscope video for Part Five below:

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