January 1, 2016

About Infinite Abundance

Infinite Abundance is what we have through Jesus – an endless supply of abundance. Lyndi Brewer founded this organization on prayer and faith. (You do not have to be a Christ follower to participate in the Infinite Abundance group.)


Infinite Abundance is the team name for everyone within Lyndi’s organization. We are literally a world wide team with members in Japan and Bahrain, Hawaii and on and between both coasts of the United States.


Our goal is education, first and foremost – both for our members and our customers. We share our knowledge of and love for essential oils with those we know and love. We believe that education leads people to use the oils both safely and effectively.


We believe in asking in questions. That’s how people learn. Questions lead to research, which leads to new discoveries and insights. These discoveries often lead to more questions, and so the cycle is infinite.


Many resources found here on this site are also made available to crosslines. We love our crossline family and enjoy sharing this journey with you too! Members of Infinite Abundance also have access to the exclusive Infinite Abundance group on Facebook. If you are a member of the Infinite Abundance team but not yet in our Facebook group, please ask your enroller to add you.

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